Black Lives Matter

June 8, 2020


From the Rae Dorough Speaker Series Board of Directors

We are heartbroken by the senseless killing of George Floyd, who is just the latest tragedy in a long list of unarmed African-Americans killed by law enforcement. We are appalled by the violence of racial injustice and what it says about the state of our country today. The COVID-19 pandemic, which already had the country reeling, has highlighted in stark relief the harsh realities of persistent racism in our society.

We believe that the strength of our country is built on ideas developed through open and civil discussion. This collective wisdom results in institutions that serve the greater good and scientific knowledge that improves our quality of life. In that spirit, the Rae Dorough Speaker Series seeks to bring leading thinkers in a wide range of domains to Livermore’s Bankhead theater to share ideas and insights that help us better understand our world. Ideas open our minds to new possibilities. Our hope is that the talks we present motivate our audience to become more civically engaged in improving our community. That is what Rae Dorough, namesake for the series, endeavored to do throughout her adult life.

The anger, frustration, sadness and despair that have swept across our country the last week have revealed a world of hurt. Facing that pain and putting ourselves on a path to equality and justice for all is a moral imperative.

As part of our mission to inform, enlighten and motivate, the Rae Dorough Speaker Series is committed to presenting the kind of speakers who will provide us with the means, however small, to help build a better, more just world. Recent events only lend greater urgency to our task. In our modest way, we aim to be an example of how civil discourse serves the interests of the community.

As a local Livermore-based nonprofit, we welcome your suggestions for speakers and topics. We really are all in this together.

We stand in solidarity with the black community and everyone fighting for justice and equality.

In addition to supporting our local community, we are choosing to support the Black Lives Matter movement by a donation to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Following are other organizations you may want to consider: