Addressing the Climate Crisis

Battery Powered Spring 2018 Organization Night Conserving Our Planet

Ellie M. Cohen – Feb 6, 2020


Marshaling Global and Local Forces to Address the Climate Crisis

Human caused damage to ecosystems is accelerating at an alarming rate threatening our very existence. While we remain dependent on what nature provides to sustain us, public policy- from local to global- is only now beginning to add ‘nature-based’ approaches to the climate-change solutions tool box. Ms. Cohen will provide an update on the state of our planet, highlighting examples of innovative conservation policies and practices that promote natural climate solutions to sequester carbon (“negative emissions”), replenish groundwater, enhance biodiversity, and reduce the impact of extreme events. From her experience at UN climate meetings, the local San Anselmo Sustainability Commission and as CEO of Point Blue Conservation Science, Ms. Cohen will share insights on local and global initiatives as well as offer practical actions all of us can take to combat climate change. She’ll conclude with an inspiring and hopeful vision, if urgent message; we must act now.

A Valedictory Visit With Ellie Cohen as the CEO Leaves Point Blue



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