Opportunity and Democracy

Maria Echaveste


Opportunity and Democracy: A Latina’s Perspective

Maria Echaveste, president of the Opportunity Institute in Berkeley and Deputy Chief of Staff in the Clinton administration, will participate in a Rae Dorough Speakers Series moderated discussion on “Opportunity and Democracy: A Latina’s Perspective.” Her talk livestreams in conjunction with the Bankhead Theater.

Echaveste will show how inequities in social and economic mobility, educational opportunity, health care and immigration policy affect the Latino and Black communities. She will reflect on her improbable journey from a Texas migrant farm workers’ camp to Stanford University, UC Berkeley Law School and the Clinton White House.  Speaking three days before the November 3 election, Echaveste will share her view of what is at stake.

Maria’s talk will be a moderated online discussion at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday October 29.


This presentation is sponsored by Lynn & Joan Seppala

Click here to download PDF flyer for Maria’s presentation.