The Atomic City Girls

Janet Beard – Thursday, March 14, 2019

Janet Beard, author of the historical novel The Atomic City Girls, will discuss the often overlooked women’s history of the Manhattan Project and what it was like to be a young woman working in the secret city of Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

What was it like to be one of the thousands of young women working on the Manhattan Project with no idea of what they were helping to create? Janet Beard’s novel The Atomic City Girls follows eighteen-year-old June Walker as she boards an unmarked bus in 1944, destined for a city that doesn’t officially exist: Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Beard will talk about the women’s history hidden in America’s nuclear past and what we still might have to learn from the women who worked on the Manhattan Project. She currently lives and writes in Columbus, Ohio.

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This presentation is sponsored by Livermore Lab Foundation.